The Book

Why is Marc Hrisko Passionate About YOU Becoming a Millionaire?

“Because I was in your shoes. Worse off, actually. And I firmly believe that anyone of average intelligence can become a millionaire,” writes Marc Hrisko. “If I can do it, you can too.”

Inside Kangaroo Millionaire you will learn:

  • How to raise up to $50,000 of capital in under 20 minutes
  • The 3 fatal mistakes most wannabe millionaires make
  • How to add 2 months of productivity to your year in one simple step
  • Why going into debt will make you more money than you ever imagined
  • The single most important attribute of seven-figure income earners

Inside Kangaroo Millionaire, Marc reveals the counterintuitive secrets and inspirational events that made him a millionaire by age 29. In high school, Marc was diagnosed with dyslexia. Armed with nothing but a high school diploma, he then worked 10 proud years as a firefighter and medic making $40,000. That’s when he met his “Kangaroo”—his inspiration for change—a young Australian woman, who challenged him to fly higher and live up to his true potential. He did. And within three years, Hrisko had made his first million—and married his “Kangaroo.”

Blunt, funny, and packed with provocative, real, proven tips and strategies, Kangaroo MIllionaire explodes many of the myths surrounding how to get rich and reveals the true secrets of wealth creation. Marc even includes one of his trademark FREE bonuses worth over $297!

If you’re ready to spring ahead toward financial freedom and millionaire independence, Kangaroo Millionaire will be your indispensable guide to traveling your road to riches.